Admission Procedure

In order for a child to be admitted to The Gulf International Private Academy (GIPA), the parent has to meet the school Registration Officer, complete and sign a Registration Form, and schedule a time for the child to sit for an interview with the KG Head if the child will be admitted to KG, or to take a placement test for grades 1-12.


Placement Tests:

  • A. Tests for grades 1 through 5 are paper based, are an hour long, and include 3 sections -English, Math, and Arabic.
  • B. Tests for grades 6 through 9 are computer based, are an hour long, and include 3 sections -English, Math, and Arabic.
  • C. Tests for high school, grades 10-12 are computer based, are an hour and a half long, and include 4 sections: English, Math , Arabic and Science.
  • D. Passing average for each section of the tests is 50%.
  • E. If the child doesn’t pass a section (or more) on the placement test, he/she sits for an interview with the Head of Department of the section. The Head of Department tests the child’s knowledge about the subject and  ability to learn and apply new new concepts, and provides the administration with a professional opinion.
  • F. All tests are reviewed by the school principal who makes the final decision about accepting the child based on exam results and interview recommendations.
  • G. Parents are contacted within 48 hours of taking the taking the placement tests to inform them of the test/interview results and/or recommendations.
  • H. If the child -based on the test and interview results- is found to be struggling in one or more areas (whether academically or behaviorally), the parent is asked to sign a pledge of support before accepting the child at GIPA.
  • I. Fees for the entrance interview and the placement tests are non-refundable.


Upon signing the Registration Form, handing in the required documents, passing the placement tests (and signing a Pledge of Support as required), and paying the relevant term fees,  the child is then registered at GIPA and a contract is deemed to exist between the school and the parents. It provides that the school regulations are observed as set out in the Student Handbook, particularly the Code of Conduct and the consequences for inappropriate behavior mentioned on there.

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