Welcome to the GIPA Alumni Association

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Gulf international Private Academy (GIPA) is proud to announce the formation of the GIPA Alumni Association (GAA).

Now entering its 5th year of graduation, GIPA currently has over 100 graduated registered

in divers universities all over the world, we are looking after them, interested to document their achievements and benefit from their knowledge.

The GIPA alumni association will offer an access to an important platform to help alumnus maintain ties with respective GIPAmember schools


A-    Our priorities

  • Allowing alumnus student to stay in touch with GIPA.
  • Providing services after graduation.
  • Create a community of individuals who share experience, achievements & professional exploration.
  • Opportunities to invest achievements at GIPA and other institutions.

B-    Our objectives

  • Formation of the alumni team.
  • Declaration the birth of GIPA alumni officially.
  • Activate the alumni association.
  • Mutual Benefits.

Your relationship with GIPA doesn’t end at graduation. There are many ways for you to get involved with us in the years after you leave. Some things for GIPA alumni to do:

  • Be an advisor, a mentor.
  • Be an alumni volunteer.
  • Be an alumni team member.
  • Be a part of GIPA events and celebrations. 
  • Make suggestions for more options.

C-    Registration

From the day you graduate you become a member of the GIPA alumni community and being a member of this exclusive group has its advantages. There’s a long list of alumni benefits, to take advantage of all these benefits, register officially by:

  • Filling out the form attached
  • Register on line

D-    Alumni team duties

  • Update student’s data and contact numbers
  • Organizing Meetings with all classes
  • Organizing lectures and events

E-    Meet GIPA Alumni team

Director of Alumni Relations Mrs Ablah Kassis

 is responsible for the overall strategic direction of alumni relations.


Deputy Director of Alumni Relations Miss Shamma Naser Maktoum Shearifi AlAmeri

is responsible for the organization and management of alumni Meetings  at GIPA

Alumni Resources Officer 1 Miss Lamees Mograbi

is responsible for data processes and analysis, and manages the email forwarding service.

Alumni Resources Officer 2 Mr. Miss  (NA)

assists and manages the professional networking series of events.


F-    Alumni Terms & condition

  • Members must be GIPA graduates
  • Abiding  by ADEC & GIPA rules
  • Respecting  and maintaining  GIPA policies
    Referring  always to GIPA principal

Ablah Kassis

Head of Registration & Admission

Dec.22, 2014

Principal approval √

Dalia Kamel

Jan.17, 2015

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Contact Us

The Gulf International Private Academy
POBox 65205 Al Ain,
United Arab Emirates
Tel :(9713) 767-6905
Fax :(9713) 767-6908
E-mail : [email protected]

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