Graduation Requirements

High School (Cycle 3) Graduation Requirements:

For Grade 12 students to graduate high school and receive their GIPA High School Diploma and accordingly apply for their Secondary Education Equivalency from Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), all students must:

– Pass the GIPA internal assessments with a minimum grade point a average of 60 % in all subjects

– Sit for the SAT I exam and score a minimum of 450 points on the Math section of the exam

– Sit for the IELTS test and score a minimum of 6 points

– Sit for the EMSAT test

All students applying to local universities in the UAE, universities in the Middle East and some international universities must apply for a Secondary Education Equivalency from ADEK. It is possible for students to apply to US and European universities using their Transcript of Record (ToR) that is stamped by GIPA and the US Curriculum accreditation agency, Cognia.

For more information on college and career consultation, graduation requirements and international exams, please communicate with the Academic Counselor at or communicate with the school at