GIPA is an inclusive community where students feel safe, valued and well cared for. We have robust policies and procedures to promote the welfare, health and safety of all students at all times which fully comply with the Abu Dhabi Department of Education (ADEK) regulations. These procedures are consistently implemented and regularly monitored. Our staff undertake a broad range of health and safety training especially before, during and after the COVID pandemic to keep up to date and they are fully aware of their responsibilities in this regard. We constantly educate and train our students on adopting and practicing healthy lifestyles, making smart choices and caring for their own safety. We have created a Wellness Program to support students’ well-being and incorporated it in the students’ timetables. In this program students learn to make informed choices about healthy eating, fitness, healthy relationships with others, and their emotional and mental well-being.

SAFEGUARDING is at the heart of our school, and we share the belief that it is everyone’s responsibility. We have a zero-tolerance policy for all sorts of bullying (physical, verbal or cyber bullying), prejudice and misuse of electronic and social media. Our safeguarding and child protection policies are shared with all stakeholders in school publications like the school electronic portal and students’ and staff handbooks as well as in training sessions for staff and students. We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead and Wellbeing Officer who actively promotes and monitors students’ protection and welfare with the help of the pastoral team consisting of social workers, floor supervisors, Special Education Needs Coordinators, Academic Counselor and school nurses. Students and staff know who to refer to for social, emotional and wellbeing support.

The pastoral team also ensure that students are always supervised especially during students’ arrival, departure and recess.

Students’ attendance on campus and on the school buses is electronically recorded and reported to the administration and parents via the school portal on the hour.

The campus are safe, secure, clean, well-maintained and regularly monitored by a big CCTV network of over 120 surveillance cameras to minimize risks to students.

School transportation fleet is also monitored by CCTV and an advanced bus tracking system.