GIPA- 1st place in WER Contest

The World Educational Robot Contest (WER) 2016, the very first national tournament of WER in Dubai, was successfully held at the Sharjah American International School-Dubai last Saturday, April 16th.

Numerous students from different schools across the UAE participated in the WER 2016, which was organized by The Knowledge Hub and sponsored by Abilix Educational Robot. WER is an international theme-based robotics competition which has more than 300,000 participants from 20 countries yearly. It aims to enhance the creativity and hands-on ability of students in the field of robotics by completing specific robot tasks and solving practical challenges relating to the theme of the competition. This year, the competition’s theme was “Move the Earth” which required participants to explore and apply the principles of simple machines when designing and operating their robots.


Ms. Inas Al Derbashi, the ICT Head of Dar Al Marefa School feels that WER is a big opportunity for students to learn more about programming, logical thinking and coding which is becoming a trend in most schools today. “It opens doors to an exciting learning environment for students and a competition like this keeps our students more engaged and focused in their academics,” she added.


Gulf International Private Academy which bagged the First Place will be competing in the USA for the WER championship this year. Sharjah American International School – Dubai got the Second Place and will compete in China this September. The Best School Team, a special award for the team that displayed the best teamwork, sportsmanship and innovativeness, was awarded to Horizon International School – Dubai.


“We greatly appreciate the support and keen involvement of the schools that participated which made this event a real success. We truly hope that WER 2016 has become an inspiration and motivation to the students to further develop their interest and ability in robotics,” said Ms. Surekha Kembhavi, the CEO and Managing Director of The Knowledge Hub, the company, which has been providing innovative educational solutions throughout the Middle East for 15 years already.

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