Girls’ Campus

We have further expanded our facilities and opened a new campus across the street from the first one in September 2012. This campus caters exclusively for female students of grades 1-12.

The girls’ campus has:

  • Vast multipurpose area
  • Huge multipurpose hall/ basketball court

High school girls Grades 9 – 12 rotate to different classes

  • Islamic Room
  • English Room
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Art Room
  • Music Room
  • Library
  • prayer room


Students are signed out lockers for their personal use in order to keep their books and materials when they do not need them.

Electronic Doors and Surveillance Cameras:

Because students’ safety is on top of our priority list, electronic doors that open only via a pass code or access cardswith staff are placed in key zones on both school buildings. GIPA is also a pioneer in installing surveillance cameras inside and outside school buildings in strategic areas.

Classrooms and Technology: 

  • Classrooms are spacious and students are seated in groups to ensure student interaction.
  • Every classroom is equipped with a data projector.
  • There is an enterprise internet set up at GIPA with multiple Wi-Fi access points.
  • Teachers use the “ebeam device” which transforms any regular white board into a SMART board.

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