Admission policy

The Gulf International Privates Academy (GIPA) policy is based on ADEK and the Ministry of Education’s rules and regulations for all grades.


  • To assist in welcoming a new student to an Educational establishment and integrate them into the required systems and the community.
  • To set clear standards of smoothly running the process of registration and organize the work.


First: General Notes:

  • GIPA accepts students regardless of race, color, nationality, religion and gender.
  • Students are segregated by gender from grades 4 to 12 in a separate building for female students.
  • Admission age to the kindergarten section is four years old for KG1 and five years old for KG2. A student must be six years old to be admitted to the first grade.
  • GIPA shall not accommodate for more than 25 KG students (KG 1 and KG 2) per class and not more than 30 Grades 1-12 students per class.
  • Registration is open as early as 1st of March of every year and guardians are encouraged to register as early as possible.
  • In the event of limited seat availability, priority is given to returning students, staff children, students with siblings attending the school, students who live near the school, and UAE students.
  • Students and parents are given the opportunity to tour the school upon request and familiarize themselves with its facilities prior to registration.
  • All students/ parents have to read the Student’s Handbook and sign an acknowledgment to abide by it in the Custome Care Office.
  • The school registers students on eSIS in accordance with the set dates and regulations determined by the ADEK.
  • In accordance with AEDK’s regulations, new students registering for grades 11-12 must come from American Curriculum schools with a minimum Grade Point Average of 60 of 100.
  • The Customer Care Office must ensure that the students’ and parents’ information is updated at least once every academic year especially the health and social status as well as contact information.
  • GIPA ensures that all students’ files are updated with certificates, reports, intervention plans and such in the student’s paper and electronic files, and that all the student information is kept confidential.

Second: Registration Steps:

  1. The guardian thoroughly completes the registration forms received from the Customer Care counters and provide the required documents.
  2. Students in grades KG to 3 sit for an interview with the Head of Section and students in grades 4 to12 sit for an entrance exam and an interview.
  3. Guardians will be informed of the result of the entrance exam within 3 days.
  4. The guardian is assigned a family ID on the school management system (ICampus) and is asked to visit the GIPA accountant to pay the due installment, as well as pay for books, uniform and register for the transportation services if needed.
  5. Upon signing the Financial Statement and making the due payments, the guardian visits the bookstore to collect the books and uniform.


Third: Withdrawal/Transfer Steps:

  1. The guardian must fill in the Notification of Withdrawal Form in the Customer Care Office.
  2. The Customer Care Officer must clear the student from the GIPA Accountant, IT Department and Library.
  3. Submitting a No Objection Letter from the school the student wishes to transfer to (for Abu Dhabi and AlAin schools only)
  4. Getting Transfer Certificate & Reports needed from registration office within 3 working days
  5. Student will be withdrawn or transferred on eSIS after these steps.

Any violation of this policy subjects the violating staff to administrative consequences as per the UAE labor law.